201 new cases of COVID-19 were reported among Union County residents over the past 10 days (Oct. 27 to Nov. 06). This is a sharp increase in reported cases in comparison to what we’ve experienced previously. We are asking for your patience and help as we work to follow up with each new case as quickly as we can. If you have received a positive test result for COVID-19, please isolate at home until you can speak to your healthcare provider or the health department. Please click here for CDC’s recommendations for caring for yourself at home and click here for how long you will need to isolate at home.

If you believe you’ve been directly exposed to a person with COVID-19, especially if the ill person lives in your home or you had extended contact with the person, please quarantine at home right away. Please practice social distancing and masking in your home if you are living with a person with COVID-19.  We are frequently seeing the virus transmit from person to person in the home so these protective actions are very important. Click here for CDC guideline on when to quarantine.

Testing:  We are receiving more requests from sick residents for COVID-19 testing at this time. In response, we are partnering with the Ohio National Guard to add an additional day of testing to our regular weekly testing provided by our partners at Lower Lights Christian Health Center. To make an appointment for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday next week, please go to https://unioncountycovid.org/testing/. Testing is recommended for people with symptoms consistent with COVID–19. We encourage you to talk to your doctor first, but a doctor’s referral is not required. IF you are seeking COVID-19 testing because of symptoms or possibility of exposure, you should stay home while you await results.

Case Update: As of 4pm on Nov. 05, Union County is reporting 835 cumulative cases of COVID-19. 201 new cases were reported between Oct. 27 and Nov. 5.  158 individuals are actively ill and in isolation. 4 individuals are currently hospitalized. To date, there have been 35 cumulative hospitalizations and 3 deaths reported for Union County.

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