COVID DATA: Late last week (approximately Nov. 04), we began to see another surge in COVID-19 activity that has continued through this week. Our rate of new cases per 100,000 people rose from about 150 at the beginning of November to 407 as of data through Nov. 09. In raw numbers, we are seeing about 240 new cases reported from Nov.3 through Nov. 9. Our positivity rate from testing is below the CDC threshold for high activity at 9.7% but has risen from just below 8% that was reported on Oct. 22. In accordance with CDC guidance for communities experiencing high levels of COVID-19 activity, we continue to recommend the use of masks when inside indoor public areas where social distancing cannot be maintained.
Data Source: CDC COVID Data Tracker

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Since our last epidemiology report on Oct. 22 to our most recent report on Nov. 05:
– 328 new cases were reported.
– The number of individuals actively infectious and in isolation rose from 74 to 222.
– 13 Union County residents required hospitalization due to complications from their COVID-19 illness.1
– Our office received report of seven (7) COVID-19 related deaths among Union County residents.2 To date, 66 COVD-19 deaths have been reported since the pandemic began.
1 This figure may not be representative of all COVID-19 associated hospitalizations that occurred. Reports of hospitalization data can lag significantly. Data only reflects hospitalizations that have been reported to the Union County Health Department and verified by medical records review.
2 This figure may not be representative of all COVID-19 deaths that occurred. Reported death data can lag significantly. All COVID-19 deaths are processed through a national death registry to ensure data accuracy and death certificate meets COVID-19 reporting criteria.
Data Source: Data extract from the Ohio Disease Reporting System

COVID Vaccination: The Union County Health Department is continuing to offer first, second, booster and pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations. We are administering Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines. Clinics are Monday through Friday. Evening hours are available on Tuesdays. Appointments are strongly advised and can be booked online at or by calling (937) 642-2053.

  • Pediatric COVID vaccinations are available for children 5-11

Appointments are available for next week. A parent must be present at time of vaccination. Please make sure to select “Union County Health Department Pediatrics” from the location drop down when making an appointment.

  • First and Second Doses for 12 and older
    Can be administered at any adult clinic. Please make sure to select “Union County Health Department” from the location drop down when making an appointment.
  • Booster COVID vaccinations
    • Booster shots are recommended for anyone age 18 and older who received a single Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two months ago.
    • Booster shots are recommended for many people who received their second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at least six months ago. This includes people age 65 and older, those working or living in high-risk settings, and people age 18 and older with certain underlying medical conditions. See CDC eligibility.
    • The CDC allows “mix and match” of different types of COVID-19 vaccine brands for booster doses. For example, a person who received a Moderna first and second dose at least six months ago and meets current eligibility can receive a Pfizer booster or a person who received a Johnson and Johnson single dose at least two months ago can receive a Pfizer or Moderna booster. If you wonder if “mix and match” is right for you, please talk to your doctor. Our staff cannot determine if “mix and match” is right for you.
  • What about flu shots and COVID shots?
    • COVID shots can be administered at the same time as a flu shot or other vaccines. There is no minimum interval you need to wait between a COVID vaccination and other vaccination. If you need a flu shot, please call our office to make an appointment at (937) 642-2053.
  • Vaccination Coverage: An estimated 55% of Union County residents (total population) have completed the COVID-19 primary vaccination series.

Testing Update: Two COVID-19 testing options are available for Union County residents.

  • Home Test Kits: COVID-19 home antigen test kits are available for curbside pickup Monday-Friday at the Union County Health Department. Please call ahead to (937) 642-2053 and a test kit will be set out for you.  At-home antigen tests are also available for curbside pickup at the Marysville Public Library and the Richwood Public Library. Please call the library in advance so a kit can be ready for you. At-home antigen tests are ideal for individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19 or a known exposure to someone with COVID-19. We strongly encourage the use of the telehealth support that comes with the home test kits. By utilizing the telehealth, the test kit is considered a verified and valid test. Antigen tests may not meet testing requirements for travel, work, entertainment venues or medical procedures. Please consult with the venue or organization requesting a test to ensure you select the right testing option.
  • PCR Testing:  PCR testing is available on Mondays and Thursdays from 10am-Noon at the Union County Fairgrounds during the month of November. Testing is by appointment. Appointments can be made at This test is a more sensitive test and is often required for travel or may be recommended by a healthcare provider for confirmatory testing. This test collects a specimen using a swab into the back of the mouth (similar to the process for testing for strep throat). Results take 24-48 hours to return. Insurance may be billed. No one is turned away due to lack of insurance.

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