COVID-19 is spreading rapidly within our community. There has been a sustained and rapid surge in new cases over the past several weeks. Due to this sharp and sustained increase in cases and a rising demand by sick or exposed residents for testing, we have shifted and prioritized all available resources to disease investigation, contact tracing, and testing efforts. This has impacted our ability to put out daily numbers updates. We  remain committed to communicating with our community, and we are doing our best to get numbers updates posted at least once a week at this time.

Data Update: As of 5pm on 11/11/2020, 1,059 cumulative cases of COVID-19 have been reported among Union County residents. For context, that is an increase of 224 new cases reported in 6 days (835 cases reported on Nov. 05) or 401 new cases reported in 13 days (658 cases reported on Oct. 29).  Previously, the most cases reported in Union County in a 7-8 day period, was just under 90 cases (86 new cases reported between Oct. 19 and Oct. 27). The majority of new cases being reported are within our community, rather than congregate settings. We are seeing cases in congregate settings, however they are not representing the sudden and sustained increase in our community cases. (Cases among people incarcerated at the state prison in Marysville are not included in our locally published community case count).

As of Nov. 11, we are reporting 264 actively ill residents who are in isolation. Cases have been reported from all Union County townships. As expected, highest raw case counts have been reported in our townships with largest populations. However, we are seeing new cases within the geographic boundaries of all of our school districts. The cumulative number of individuals who have required hospitalization due to their illness has risen from 31 on Oct. 27 to 49 on Nov. 11. Sadly and with great condolences to the family, we have received report of an additional COVID-19 related death  that occurred in mid-October. As of Nov. 11, we are now reporting 4 COVID-19 related deaths have been reported among Union County residents since the pandemic began.

To date, 90% of cases have experienced illness that could be managed at home; 5% have reported no symptoms; and 5% have required hospitalization, ICU care, or succumb to the illness.

Please click here to see full details including case ranges by township and school district and a chart of newly reported cases by week.

Union County Remains Red: Union County remains at a red alert on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. The intent of this system is to be a tool to help residents, businesses, faith communities and school to have some insight into the current COVID-19 situation within our community. We are now at the highest per capita rate of new cases we’ve seen thus far in the pandemic. We are now at 584 new cases per 100, 000 residents over the past two weeks. This is more than five times the high incidence rate defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We are also seeing more people seeking outpatient care for COVID illness. Over the past two weeks, we have risen to just over 26 people per day seeing a doctor for COVID-19 illness on average. The good news is we are not meeting threshold triggers for hospitalizations, ICU capacity or emergency visits. However, our hospital systems and national and state data shows that hospitalizations tend to come 2-3 weeks after spikes in cases. We are continuing to work closely with our local hospital system and stay informed on status reports provided by our central Ohio hospital region.

We Need Your Partnership:  All local data sets are indicating that COVID-19 is circulating in our community at a higher rate now than at any time previously in this pandemic. We are asking for the partnership of everyone to help slow the spread. We cannot stop this disease, but we can slow it down. Slowing it down is key to making sure we have the resources to protect the health and economy of our community. Please double down on masking, social distancing, handwashing, and staying home if you’re sick. COVID-19 can present in may different ways in people, so it is important we are watching closely for signs of illness.


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