The Union County Health Department is working closely with our K-12 schools in Union County to reduce risks to students and staff while maintaining the benefits of in-person learning. The following is information for parents of K-12 students and staff of K-12 schools within Union County, Ohio.

Reporting a Positive COVID Student or Staff

  1. Parents of K-12 students and K-12 staff members who are COVID positive should stay home and report positive result to their school building.
  2. Positive COVID cases should also be reported directly to the Union County Health Department by clicking here for our online reporting form.
  3. A UCHD disease interviewer will attempt to call within 24-72 hours of receiving your online form. During this interview, we will provide return to school documentation if it is needed.
  4. Students or staff who are positive for COVID need to stay home for at least 5 days from the day their symptoms began (or date of positive test if no real symptoms). Symptoms onset date is calculated as day 0. Stay home for at least the next five days. May return as early as day 6 after symptoms started (or if you have no symptoms) only if fever-free for past 24 hours and significant improvement in symptoms. If still feeling sick, continue to stay home. The documentation we create provides excused absence for up to 10 days. If returning before day 10, a mask needs to be worn over nose and mouth until 10 days have passed since symptoms began.

Quarantine Due to COVID Exposure at Home or Outside of School

Students or staff members who are not COVID positive but who were exposed at home or outside of school to a person with COVID need to stay home and quarantine for five days unless they are up-t0-date* on COVID vaccination or have had COVID themselves within the previous 90 days. Students/staff who are exposed and DO NOT develop symptoms, can return on day 6 from last contact with the COVID positive person but need to wear a mask for five more days.  If exposure to COVID is within the home, please separate the COVID positive family member(s) as soon as possible to shorten the quarantine period for other family members. If it is not possible to separate the COVID positive family member(s), then exposed persons need to stay home and quarantine the entire time the person is infectious plus five more days.

Please report students/staff who need to quarantine at home due to exposure to your school building. If exposure is outside of your home (such as a friend or extended family), please call UCHD to get proof of quarantine documentation (must provide name of COVID positive person). If exposure is to a household member, please report the positive case and the disease interviewer will provide proof of quarantine documentation for household members during the positive case interview process.

*Up-To-Date on COVID vaccination is defined as having received a booster shot – OR having completed your primary Pfizer or Moderna series within the past 5 months – OR having completed the initial Johnson & Johnson vaccine within the past 2 months.

Students Exposed to COVID at School

Union County schools continue to work closely with UCHD to stay up-to-date with the latest guidance from the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.  Students or staff who are exposed to COVID in a school setting can remain in school as long as they are symptom free and wear a mask for 10 days. This is based upon Ohio research which indicates the rate of direct contacts converting to COVID cases when exposure occurred in a K-12 setting was very low, especially in comparison to exposure in a home setting. Individuals who are exposed in a K-12 setting can also participate in extracurricular activities as long as they follow the Ohio test to play guidelines which can be found by clicking here.