The Union County Health Department is working closely with our K-12 schools in Union County to reduce risks to students and staff while maintaining the benefits of in-person learning. The following is information for parents of K-12 students and staff of K-12 schools within Union County, Ohio.

Stay Home if Sick

Students and staff within our K-12 schools should stay home if they are sick. Testing for COVID-19 is recommended as COVID-19 disease activity within our community is high. Students and staff who test negative should follow the school’s normal sick policies. Please note the FDA recommends people with COVID-19 symptoms get two negative tests taken 48 hours apart. Students and staff who test positive should report the positive result to both the school building and the Union County Health Department and follow the CDC’s isolation guidance. Current guidance includes staying home for at least 5 days and then returning to activities with a high-quality mask worn until 10 days have passed since symptoms began (or positive test if no symptoms developed). Please review the CDC isolation guidance for full details.

Report a Positive COVID Student or Staff

  • Positive COVID-19 cases among students/staff should be reported to the school building and directly to the Union County Health Department (UCHD). Online reporting to UCHD can be done by clicking here.
  • Once you complete the UCHD’s online reporting form, your disease reporting is complete. A UCHD disease interviewer will only call you if information is missing/needed.¬† If you need return to school documentation, please be sure to select “yes” to this question in the online form. Documentation is only provided if requested. A proof isolation letter will be emailed to the email address provided. Emails are sent in the evening Monday-Friday.¬†Click here to view CDC isolation guidelines.
  • If you are unable to complete the online reporting form, positive cases can be reported by calling UCHD at (937) 642-2053. You will be asked to leave a voicemail and a disease interviewer will call you back within 24-72 hours to collect necessary information. Click here to view CDC isolation guidelines.

Exposed to COVID-19

The CDC recommends students and staff in K-12 settings follow the same guidelines for what to do if exposed to COVID-19 as the general public. The current CDC guidance does not recommend quarantining at home if exposed. People who are exposed to COVID-19 should watch for symptoms and wear a high-quality mask for 10 days from last exposure. Testing is recommended after five days have passed since last exposure (date of exposure is day 0) to identify pre-symptomatic infection. Regardless of the test result, a mask should be worn until 10 days have passed since exposure. Testing is also recommended if symptoms develop. The FDA recommends symptomatic people test twice, with 48 hours between tests if the first test is negative.

Children under age 2 and some people with disabilities are not recommended to wear a mask. In these situations, additional precautions should be taken such as improving ventilation or improving distancing while maintaining in-person learning.