Current Activity:  The Union County Health Department is reporting 35 Union County residents currently have reported active COVID-19 infections. From July 20 to July 27, 35 new cases were reported including two new hospitalizations.

Since July 06, approximately 33 new cases a week have been reported to the Union County Health Department (101 of the 185 cumulative cases reported since July 06). Previous to July 06, new cases ranged from 2-11 cases per week. Individuals requiring hospitalization for their illness also increased from 8 to 12 during this three-week period. The number of asymptomatic cases increased by two in this time period (from six to 8 total asymptomatic cases).

Cumulative Cases: In total, the Union County Health Department has received report of 185 cases since the first case reported on March 20. 149 of these individuals have been released from isolation and are no longer considered infectious. 1 death has been reported. Hospitalization has been required for 12 individuals during the course of their illness. Eight individuals have experienced no symptoms (considered asymptomatic). 91% of cases have experienced mild illness. 5% of cases have experienced illness that required hospitalization. 1% of cases have required ICU care or resulted in death.

To see full details on the data, please click on this week’s update from our epidemiologists. 07/27/2020 Epi Update

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