Trend: Since last week’s epi update, 27 new cases of COVID-19 were reported among Union County residents. The largest single week number of cases reported (by report date) since the beginning of the pandemic came between Sept. 14 and Sept. 21 when 40 new cases were reported. Thus far in September, 106 new cases (excluding positive antibody tests for past infection) in Union County residents have been reported. More than 100 new cases per month have now been reported in July (123), August (122 cases) and September (106 new cases).

Current Activity: Currently, we have 36 individuals in isolation with active illness, including one individual currently hospitalized due to their illness. No new deaths have been reported since the second death of a Union County resident reported on Sept. 11.

Cumulative: 429 cumulative cases of COVID-19 have been reported to the Union County Health Department since the first case reported on March 20. To date, 391 individuals have been released from isolation and are no longer considered infectious. Two COVID-19 related deaths have been reported among Union County residents. In total, 6% of Union County cases had no symptoms, 89% had illness that could be managed at home, 4% had illness that required hospitalization, and 1% had severe illness that required an ICU admission or resulted in death.

To see this week’s full data report, including geographic distribution of cumulative cases, please click here for this week’s epi update. 

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