Persons Ages 75 & Older: Vaccination for Ohioans age 75 and older began this week in Ohio. The COVID-19 vaccine supply remains limited and we encourage you to look into multiple options to receive your COVID-19 vaccination. Please remember, if you cannot find an appointment this week, you will still be eligible each of the following weeks. Call volume into our office remains incredibly high. To help our older adults, we are asking friends, neighbors, churches, senior support centers, and others to assist individuals age 75 and older who may need some help in booking an appointment online. We are grateful to Union County Senior Services, local senior centers and organizations, and the many faith partners who are helping seniors each week. If you need transportation assistance to get to your COVID-19 vaccination, please reach out to UCATS at (937) 642-5100. Here are COVID-19 vaccination options within Union County.

Kroger Pharmacies in Marysville and many neighboring communities are offering COVID-19 vaccination in accordance with the state of Ohio’s age eligibility. You can make an appointment through Kroger Pharmacy at

Union County Health Department will hold a 75 and older clinic on Friday, Jan. 29. This clinic will be by appointment only. The appointment scheduler for the Friday clinic will open this Thursday at 8:30am. Appointments will be booked at Again, this appointment scheduler will not open until Thursday at 8:30am. The best way to book your appointment is through the online scheduler. If you do not have internet access, you can call our office for assistance in booking the appointment beginning at 8:30am on Thursday. Please call (937) 642-2053. Due to the incredibly high call volume, you may be on hold for an extended period of time. If at all possible, we strongly encourage enlisting the help of a friend, family member, church member, or senior support center to assist in booking your appointment online.  This week, we anticipate receiving about 400 doses of vaccine. We estimate there are about 3,000 persons age75 and older living within Union County. We continue to ask for your patience and cooperation as it may take several attempts to secure an appointment over the coming weeks based upon anticipated weekly vaccine shipments.

Statewide COVID-19 Vaccine Provider List is available at At this link you can see what COVID-19 vaccine providers are available in our neighboring communities in addition to our county.

Persons with a Developmental Disability & Severe Congenital, Developmental or Early Onset Medical Conditions: Vaccination for Ohioans who have a developmental or intellectual disability AND one of the congenital, developmental or early onset medical condition listed below are also eligible for vaccination this week. Per the State of Ohio, local Boards of Developmental Disabilities are working to identify individuals who meet these criteria. The Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities is currently working with the Union County Health Department to identify eligible Union County residents and arrange vaccination. The Union County Health Department is NOT determining this eligibility. Please also note that the Union County Health Department is currently receiving Pfizer vaccine which is only approved for use in persons age 16 and older.

Persons with Underlying Medical Conditions: The State of Ohio has indicated vaccination could begin as early as Feb. 15 for persons under age 65 who have one of the specific severe congenital, developmental or early onset medical conditions listed in the graphic above. Details on who and how these individuals will be vaccinated are forthcoming from the State of Ohio. For Ohioans with other underlying medical conditions not listed above, no timeline for eligibility has been released as of yet by the State of Ohio.

Vaccination for Adults in Schools: Governor has indicated vaccination of school staff will begin as early as Feb. 01. This vaccination effort will be through closed clinics and will occur over the month of February. Locally, we are working with our local schools to be ready as more information on this vaccination effort is still coming down from the State of Ohio.

Ohio’s Phase 1B COVID-19 Vaccination Timeline*:

  • Week of Jan. 18               Ohioans age 80+
  • Week of Jan. 25               Ohioans age 75+, Ohioans with severe congenital, developmental or early-onset medical conditions listed in the above graphic who also have a developmental or intellectual disability
  • Week of Feb. 01               Ohioans age 70+, Adults working in schools
  • Week of Feb. 08              Ohioans age 65+

* Per Governor DeWine, this timeline may be adjusted as the state of Ohio evaluates vaccination efforts each week.

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