As of Aug. 31 at 3pm, Union County had 323 cumulative cases reported among Union County residents. There are 32 active cases currently in isolation. 290 individuals have been released from isolation and are no longer considered infectious. Currently there are 0 reported COVID-19 related hospitalizations.To date, 19 hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have been reported in Union County residents. One COVID-19 related death has been reported in a Union County resident.

From Aug. 24 to Aug. 31, Union County recorded 36 new cases, the highest number of new cases reported in a given week to date (previously, the highest number of reported new cases in a given week was 35 new cases recorded from July 20 to July 27). Between Aug. 04 and Aug. 24, roughly 22 new cases per week have been reported.

Cases have been reported in all 14 Union County townships. Case density is generally correlating with population density.
The percent of Union County residents experiencing moderate to severe illness (defined as requiring hospitalization, ICU care or resulting in death) continues to hover around 6% of reported cases.
As a reminder, case counts from will be different than our Union County case counts. The Ohio website reports cases among people incarcerated at the state prison located in Marysville. The Union County community cases and subsequent breakdown of the data does not include cases among people incarcerated at the state prison.
View the full weekly data update from our epidemiologists – 8/31/ 2020 Epi Update
View map with geographic distribution of cases –  8/31/2020 Case Map

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