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Deaths in Union County
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Data as of  9/17/2020 at 3:00 p.m. Data updated Monday-Friday.

378 cumulative cases have been reported since Mar. 20, 2020. Age range is <1-97 years. The median age is 37.5. Detailed weekly data reports are available in the “Epidemiological Updates” sidebar. Cases among persons living at the state prison in Marysville (ORW) are not included in the community case count. Oho Department of Rehabilitation and Correction issues a daily report available at coronavirus.ohio.gov).
Cumulative case count includes both lab confirmed cases and probable cases that fit Ohio’s Infectious Disease Control Manual case definition. Probable cases include positive antibody and antigen tests in which the individual also meets clinical symptoms or had a known exposure to a person who had a lab confirmed case of COVID-19. Actively ill are individuals under isolation protocol. Released from isolation are individuals who met CDC criteria for discontinuation of home isolation who are no longer considered infectious.  Deaths only include individuals in which COVID-19 was a direct contributing factor to the death. Data is from the Ohio Disease Reporting System. Case counts may not accurately depict the spread of illness.

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378 Cases Reported | Sept. 17

Case Counts as of 3:00 pm on Sept. 17: Currently, we have 34 individuals who are actively ill. There is 1 COVID-19 related hospitalization currently. Cumulatively, 378 cases have been…
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September 15, 2020 in Updates

364 Cases Reported | Sept. 15

Case Counts as of 2:30pm on Sept. 15: Currently, we have 28 individuals who are actively ill. There is 1 COVID-19 related hospitalization currently. Cumulatively, 364 cases have been reported…
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2nd Death Reported in a Union County Resident | Sept. 11

With heavy hearts, the Union County Health Department reports the second COVID-19 related death has been recorded for a Union County resident. Per data from the Ohio Department of Health,…
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